Grill Islands

BBQ Grill IslandNot too long ago, if you wanted to entertain outdoors without leaving the comfort of your home, you would break out the charcoal, the lighter fluid, the hibachi or the old three-legged grill.

Today the line between indoor and outdoor entertaining has become increasingly blurred. Outdoor entertaining truly has the potential to be the ultimate in luxury and convenience. Outdoor grill island designs are varied enough to range from meeting the most basic demands to gourmet islands fit for the most talented chefs. These high-end grill islands can house a wide range of appliances like drop-in or slide-in gas grills, refrigerators, ice makers, sinks, wet bars, warmers, and ovens as well as provide ample space for preparing food and storing dinnerware.

Kitchen islands are now designed for outdoor installation so that meals can be prepared, served and cleaned up without ever leaving the comfort of your own "outdoor room". With the latest products on the market for outdoor entertaining, there is no need to take a single step inside your home.

Ready-To-Finish Outdoor Kitchen Systems are the easiest, fastest and most efficient system for building custom outdoor kitchens.  The modular system includes individual cabinets ranging in size from 6” wide to 72” wide, in 6” increments, allowing you to select the cabinets that fit your project layout, then connect them together to achieve a custom size and shape. Each appliance cabinet is fully adjustable, allowing you to configure it for any brand and any size appliance and/or storage accessory, and every cabinet is customizable with the veneer and countertop materials of your choice. Additionally, the unique knocked-down engineering of our cabinets allow you to easily get them into any backyard, even hard to reach locations and rooftop outdoor living areas. Assembly and configuration of our cabinets is easy, and there are no masonry skills involved.  A basic set of tools (screw gun, grinder with a diamond blade, sawsall, level, and adjustable wrench) is all you need.  

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