Landscaping Tips

The Start of Something Good

You’ve got a landscape design in mind and you’ve found the perfect landscaping professional to help make your dreams a reality. Now, you’re ready to begin the transformation. Before taking that next step, review the guide below to avoid some common mistakes made by homeowners as they begin the process. 

Backyard Patio Landscaping

Sound Planning, Maximum Results

Always have a plan: You need to know what you want when consulting with a landscape professional. The relationship works best when they know your style and needs.

Don't Assume: Don’t assume the landscape you admire in your neighbor’s yard will work for yours. The best landscape design is a sound assembly of the natural area of your lot, your home and the existing elements. A landscape professional can help determine the best design suited to what already exists on your property.

Make the commitment: The most beautiful, well-kept yards require year-round care. Of course, fall and spring are integral seasons for landscaping, but your commitment to retaining your beautiful yard should be constant all year long.

Strive for balance: Don’t forego functionality for attractiveness. The best yards have a perfect balance of both. Landscape professionals can help you determine the best ways to achieve that balance.

Swimming Pool with Landscaping

More Considerations

  • Think about the design in proportion to your house. Avoid blocking natural scenery, and make sure the sizes and styles are right for your home.
  • Use trees and shrubbery to frame your home.
  • Use historical items as focal points. For instance, a historical brick or other family heirloom can make a perfect centerpiece.
  • If you’re going for an elaborate backyard, make sure pathways are part of the design, allowing visitors to enjoy the area without damaging it.
  • Don’t forget about seating. Benches or furniture sets create the perfect place for relaxation.

Common Landscaping Mistakes

Avoid These Pitfalls When Planning Your Poolscape

How hard can it be?  Plant a few trees, bushes and flowers, then add some mulch and your pool area is landscaped, right? You might think so, but common landscaping mistakes are easy to make. Being aware of these common mistakes can put you on the path to a great looking yard and pool!

Backyard Cedar Deck

Mistake No. 1: First Impressions

Our backyards are our sanctuaries — the space where we relax with family and friends. So, it makes sense spending time and money landscaping your backyard. But your front yard is what creates the first impression of your home. By spending some time and effort on curb appeal, you can make your home more inviting and it may help increase the value of your home!

Mistake No. 2: Traffic Stop

Before you begin a landscaping project, take note of the traffic patterns of your family and friends. Your landscape should enhance your living, not create barriers. Retaining walls are visually appealing, but not if the little ones keep trying to climb over them. Walkways should be planned for high traffic areas, not through the middle of the kids’ football field. Spend some time thinking about your layout and sketch it on paper. Show it to your family to make sure is meets everyone’s needs.

Mistake No. 3: Keeping It Straight

Don’t drive yourself crazy by trying to keep straight lines when creating gardens and planting areas. Nature isn’t square. Gentle curves look more natural and are easier to maintain. The idea is to work with the land, not against it. The goal is to create a landscaping you can enjoy!

Landscaping with bird bath

Mistake No. 4: Living for Today

The most common mistake made is not realizing how large a plant will be when it matures or how to maintain it in the future. Will you eventually need to prune that shrub?  Will those flowers thrive in your climate? Are they perennial or annual? Research the plants you choose, read the tags on plants you are selecting, and talk to the nursery staff or landscaper.

Plan to leave enough room for your plants to grow. Landscaping is an investment. Selecting your plants with care will lead to more enjoyment and less upkeep in the future.

Ready to get started? If this all sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry! Contacting a professional landscaper. Landscapers are knowledgeable about soil conditions, planting and the climate in your region. Landscapers can help you design a look to enhance your home within your budget. A landscaper has the equipment and staff at hand to get the job done right.  Best of all, landscapers can quickly turn your idea into reality.